Hannah Silberman (b. 1992) is a video and animation artist with a Kinetic Imaging BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work focuses on both storytelling and abstract visual experimentation, often with dark undertones. Born and currently living in Richmond, Va, she works freelance commission jobs and writes in her spare time.

Hannah Silberman makes time-based work steeped in comedy and drama, based in escapist desires to be rid of dull realities. Her goal is to manipulate her entire audience to all feel a single emotion in response to a piece. Her artistic preference is not to force feed the audience, but rather to quietly subvert, often under the shadow of whimsy and bent humor. Rejecting the “real world” in favor of hand-tailored mental universes is a major theme in her work, and in comparing that dichotomy she aims to expose base truths of life in primitive ways.

Demo Reel, 2015

Human, 2013

Almost, 2014

Err, 2014

Gently, 2015

Lutoniushka, 2012

Untitled, 2012

The Gathering, 2013